BIC Writing Contest – Blank II

Blockchain in Chicago is an event happening February 22nd, 2018 at Venue 610 in Chicago. This writing contest will be decided by the likes and shares you give to the article along with a little weight from the judges (Hannah, Joe, and Danny). The point is to get a little extra marketing out there for the event. Sure there is a fully decentralized way to do this, but as a community organization, we are simply having fun experimenting with a new technology. Payments will be posted on the 28th with transaction ID and addresses.

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And now an article from a community member:


The future with Blank…


Let’s think about the future for a while…


You just wake up for a beautiful day.  As you move towards the bathroom, you hear the voice from your AI home assistant. ‘Good morning’.


You say ‘Good morning’ and then instruct your assistant ‘What’s the weather like for today hourly?’. As you are having the conversation with your AI assistant, you drink your coffee and take a look at the news. Many technological inventions, many different business models and yet people are having too many challenges in their life.


You feel obliged to solve them in a way…


You suddenly come up with an application idea. You take some notes on the napkin with excitement. And then you sit down at your computer.  You provide the specifics of what you need.


Just in couple of minutes, before you finish your coffee, you have your app ready to be sent to the stores. You just smile and start your day feeling the accomplishment.


You have taken a step to solve the challenges thanks to your app.


Once your app is on the market, you acquire users, gather feedback.


While chatting with your community members you learn of some additions they would like to see.You turn to the Blank network and find a relevant function. With a single customizable smart contract on blockchain, you agree on a price to get this feature for your app. Your app is now customized in a small time frame without the hassle of technical issues.  What a network effect!


Becoming an entrepreneur was very hard once. When you had an app idea, you would need to find a technical co-founder or hire a developer, wait for weeks or maybe months to come up with a prototype and so on…Even though our lives were going at a fast-pace, entrepreneurs were having hard time keeping up.


You thought to yourself: ‘So much has changed since then…’ As you finish your day, you already start thinking of other app ideas. There is no limit and everything works in your favor now….


Dreaming about future is always exciting. As you read this article, you ask yourself when you will experience such a thing in your life…


No need to wait longer. The future is here now with Blank.  


Let me invite you to the journey of endless opportunities. Blank is democratizing the way that apps are built via AI.  Thanks to the blockchain infrastructure, smart contracts are signed in minutes. If you want to host the back-end of the apps, you are also rewarded via crypto-currencies.  


Sounds exciting? Come and check us out: