BIC Writing Contest – Blank

Blockchain in Chicago is an event happening February 22nd, 2018 at Venue 610 in Chicago. This writing contest will be decided by the likes and shares you give to the article along with a little weight from the judges (Hannah, Joe, and Danny). The point is to get a little extra marketing out there for the event. Sure there is a fully decentralized way to do this, but as a community organization we are simply having fun experimenting with a new technology. Payments will be posted on the 28th with transaction ID and addresses.

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And now an article from a community member:

Kim Parnell along with the co-founder of Blank, Paul Go, set new standards for creating mobile apps. Kim and Paul invite you to learn about Insight Oriented Programming, which gives any user the ability to create a mobile app. Without a dull drag and drop experience, Blank stands apart from its competitors.

It is not a simple prototyping or mock up generation tool but rather helps you mimic the experience of working with an app development shop as precisely as possible. Blank automatically designs and develops the user’s app for them. It works by having robots ask you about your ideal app and then turns your ideas into a fully developed app with a spectacular UX. Furthermore, when working with Blank, you get to own the data when the app is created.

With its fascinating benefits, app owners also have the opportunity to earn tokens when other apps utilize their features and data. By revolutionizing the way one can now build apps without investing time, money, and energy, it makes the user experience simpler than it has ever been. It just doesn’t make sense to keep on depending on others to make your dreams a reality. After all, time is your most valuable asset.

All that the team at Blank desires is for you to become successful with limited-time invested into your app. For further questions concerning how Blank can possibly help you, reach out to both Kim and Paul via Twitter, @kimbigk & @realpaulgo or by email:

If time is on your side, feel free to meet Kim at the event. She would be more than happy to talk!

Kim Twitter: @KimBigK

Paul Twitter: @RealPaulGo