BIC Writing Contest – Urban Array

Blockchain in Chicago is an event happening February 22nd, 2018 at Venue 610 in Chicago. This writing contest will be decided by the likes and shares you give to the article along with a little weight from the judges (Hannah, Joe, and Danny). The point is to get a little extra marketing out there for the event. Sure there is a fully decentralized way to do this, but as a community organization, we are simply having fun experimenting with a new technology. Payments will be posted on the 28th with transaction ID and addresses.

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Urban Array: A Technology & Social Enterprise

Ethereum Address: 0x50Cd402BB7Fd4C4FBd09a3941B4b80E52722bda6


It was in 2017 that I began to understand the concept that the more you give, the more you receive. I started working with the Obama Foundation, attending a 10-hour training one Saturday morning to brainstorm ways to create positive change in local communities, became the United Way representative of my department at Northwestern IT, and volunteered at a few Peace for the Streets events hosted by a popular radio station.


That was the year I also became interested in the work of Urban Array and the vision they had for empowering individuals and providing the tools to make an impact in urban communities. Urban Array founder, Marquis Davis, describes this project as a decentralized crowdsourced social enterprise. The technology behind it “connects change instigators to the processes and tools to collaborate, develop communities, and build sustainable businesses” (Urban Array). Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus, was the first to coin the phrase “social enterprise” and it has to be among the most powerful of organizational structures that we have today. For an organization to be considered a social enterprise, the social mission has to be as core to their success as any potential profit.


Having personally met Marquis and the team, and knowing he has started up a number of businesses prior to this, I am convinced that this is his legacy project that he wants to grow to a household name. How excellent would it be if you could be incentivized for the efforts you make in your community and there were tools and processes in place for you to easily use what skills you have to create positive change and make an impact? This is the vision of Urban Array and I will be following them on their journey to do just that.




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