BIC Writing Contest – Pitch Live

Blockchain in Chicago is an event happening February 22nd, 2018 at Venue 610 in Chicago. This writing contest will be decided by the likes and shares you give to the article along with a little weight from the judges (Hannah, Joe, and Danny). The point is to get a little extra marketing out there for the event. Sure there is a fully decentralized way to do this, but as a community organization we are simply having fun experimenting with a new technology. Payments will be posted on the 28th with transaction ID and addresses.

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And now an article from a community member:

Chicago’s Cryptocurrency Wealth Begins with Community Engagement.

Cryptocurrency access and wealth building begins with human capital and no other group get’s the formula than the Chicago Blockchain Project.

“We have just broken the 100 attendees mark about 2 weeks out,” says Joe Hernandez, on the upcoming event Blockchain in Chicago Kickoff to 2018. Its organizer, crypto enthusiast nicknamed “Disruption Joe,” is looking forward to featured speakers including Current CEO Dan Noaves and Blank Build CEO Kim Parnell. The A/V team will be “filming pro quality raw video including backstage interviews,” says Joe.

The kickoff event was organized to cater to the needs of Chicago’s growing crypto community of enthusiasts and professionals who would like to get involved. “Crypto is the dessert that attracts people to learn more,” he says, “It is our job to feed them their decentralized vegetables.”

The first half of the event, will focus on the growing business community who would like to leverage not just digital currencies but also blockchain technologies. The second half, participants will dive deep into cryptoland with workshops set up for learning and engagement.

Organizing the Crypto Community

The community that inspired the the Chicago Blockchain Project is a 1,600+member meetup group by the same name. From traders and developers to consultants and private equity, members attended 50+ events and retweeted 200+ Tweets, with hash tags ‘#buidl’ and ‘#ChicagoHodl.’

“We wanted to become a resource for the community meaning, hosting mostly free meetups for our members to show off products and ideas.”

The Blockchain model for Business

The idea of cryptocurrencies and the application of it is made possible by systems like the Blockchain that allows transaction history to be public. Record keeping will be open. Whereas throughout history, ledgers had been kept private.

It is an innovative concept, where a block is a transaction…chained to all prior blocks, so hacking becomes difficult. In peer-to-peer networks, transactions can be limited between just as few parties inside of organization, within an ecosystem, or on the public web.

Take the financial service industry, where millions of transactions are handled in any day, taking days to settle. Not with blockchain. It takes minutes.

As more cities adopt meetups and telegram groups modeled after the Chicago Blockchain Project, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain will continue to flourish.