BIC Writing Contest – Current

Blockchain in Chicago is an event happening February 22nd, 2018 at Venue 610 in Chicago. This writing contest will be decided by the likes and shares you give to the article along with a little weight from the judges (Hannah, Joe, and Danny). The point is to get a little extra marketing out there for the event. Sure there is a fully decentralized way to do this, but as a community organization we are simply having fun experimenting with a new technology. Payments will be posted on the 28th with transaction ID and addresses.

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And now an article from a community member:

Blockchain startup Current looks to pay you for watching Youtube, listening to Spotify and consuming other media. Their currency (CRNC) tracks your usage of products and the more you use the product the more CRNC you will be rewarded. Users can also get CRNC through sharing personal data to the app that provides business insight into their usage of time.

CRNC can be used to skip ads or help lower costs of premium services such as Spotify and if you have multiple sources of media this gives you a platform to discover across your subscribed services in one convenient way. Furthermore, if these digital identities that are housed inside these similar services are cross-referenced then applications and advertisers could have a more comprehensive profile about you as their user and be able to better recommend future content.
When a creative asset such as a song or an image is made blockchain makes a new digital identity, and then any repost of the image would have to reference the original asset so tracking media to its original source would be trivial. There are ways to enforce DCMA for songs, television, and movies through the use of shared public/ private key pairs that act as key and lock protectors to these digital assets. As you use more apps your digital identity will grow and change, giving you varying levels of access to different assets and if you unsubscribe these assets will become inaccessible to your user interface, allowing for options to rent digital assets rather than buying them.